Looking West

Cuevas del Mar, Asturias in Northern Spain
The clifftops at Cuevas del Mar in Asturias, Northern Spain.  I was waiting for a sunset, but mother nature had other ideas.

It has been a while since I last posted anything here.  But there’s been good reason.  Belinda and I started a road trip in April, and we are still travelling!  A record of a journey is here at ‘Stories from the Wild’.  I hope you like it.

- John

Sky, Sea, Sand


It’s been a while posting here.  But there’s a good reason.  We have been up scaling our endeavours in ‘making time to live’ and Belinda and I are currently starting a new project involving a lot of getting up early and going to bed late.  More about that later.

Here’s a picture from Galicia in northern Spain on a beach close to the La Playa de las Catedrales.  A long exposure with intention camera movement, panning from left to right.


Against the light

Me! – Taken by my Dad (under supervision!).

A rare moment on our visit to the UK. The weather has been horrendous – walking has been replaced by wading.

Another New Day

From the Parque de la Concordia, Arriondas, Asturias, northern Spain.

A photo was taken this morning in the same place as my last post – Clearing Mist.  This sunrise crept up on a me.  Our lounge window is north facing and it looked a bit gloomy as I peered out at 7.30am.  But leaving the building, we were greeted with a tinge of red in the higher clouds, that eventually evolved into this scene.  And behind us the rising sun turned the previously gloomy north view to a blanket pink colour.  It looked amazing but I wasn’t carrying the wide angle lens needed to capture it….. there’s always tomorrow.

I think in 2014, I will try to experience as many sunrises as possible.  Magical.

Happy New Year to everyone.

- John

P.S.  Full disclosure, I photoshopped some annoying overhead cables.  Sometimes you just can’t avoid them!

Clearing Mist

Taken from the centre of Arriondas in Asturias, looking down on the Río Piloña.

At this time of year our morning walks are often accompanied by a thick blanket of mist.  Sometimes it can last until early afternoon.  But yesterday, it cleared enough to allow a little colour from the sunrise.

Ben made a black and white shot of the same scene earlier in the year.

- John

Las Cañadas


An early start, walking in Las Cañadas below El Teide in the volcanic landscape of Tenerife.

It turned out to be a one-day holiday – even though we went for 7 days.  I spent the first 3 days with flu and another 3 days forced inside by a tremendous storm.  Lightning, wind, rain and floods.  Although we did see the sun again – as we were driving back to the airport!

- John


Nature therapy

Autumn in the region of Ponga, Asturias – views of the Picos de Europa and Bosque del Peloño.

I recently heard the term ‘NDD – Nature Deficit Disorder’.  I think I caught it!  It was time for action.  So, we took a long walk to see the autumn colours.  It wasn’t ideal for photography – clear skies with strong sun, contrasted by deep shadows from the high peaks.  But that wasn’t the point of making the trip.  And we still managed to see a wild cat stalking its prey on the edge of field, which was a real treat.

-  John


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